The Underwater Council of British Columbia's Citizen Science Project



The Underwater Council of BC is actively involved in a variety of citizen science initiatives and works to promote and support research within the dive community.


Government funding for basic research is becoming very difficult to acquire so it is now up to regular people to fund, and execute research projects on their own.

Organizations such as REEF and the David Suzuki Foundation have been relying on private citizens to expand human knowledge in areas that are not of commercial interest and therefore not funded by government or corporations.

The UCBC is proud to be involved in collaborations with the Vancouver Aquarium, Marine Life Sanctuaries Society and various academic research institutions to study:

  • Glass sponge Bioherm Temperature Monitoring in Howe Sound
  • Deep sponge reef growth and damage recovery through UCBC's Exploratory Dive Series
  • Ocean Current Monitoring in glass sponge bioherms
  • Baseline reef conditions through reproducible photography using fixed underwater camera mounts