Dive 3 - Dorman Point Glass Sponge Bioherm, August 16, 2015.

This third expedition in the UCBC Exploratory Dive series brought the team to Dorman Point Bioherm off Bowen Island. Lessons learned from the Lost Reef Bioherm dive played a huge part in making this dive a great success. 

UCBC's primary goal for this dive was to explore the lower slopes, lower pans and south point walls at the Dorman Point Bioherm and to video the fish life found on the lower pans.

The video obtained during this dive will be analyzed for use in Citizen Science reporting of gravid (pregnant) rockfish numbers and rockfish larvae concentration around the bioherm.

The technical diving team, again consisting of Hamish Tweed and Chris Straub explored the site in a clockwise route that took them around the sponge bioherm pinnacle and into Dorman Bay.

They found the highest density of sponge near the peak of the pinnacle with varying coverage beyond the edges of the drop-off.

Additionally, a large amount of glass sponge covered the vertical walls on the south side of the bioherm. Noting the location of highest sponge density will help identify the ideal habitat for glass sponge with respect to current, temperature and depth. Armed with this knowledge, additional glass sponge bioherm sites may be identified and protected. 

Watch: Dorman Point Sea Mount Sponge Dive Aug 16 2015