General Diver Safety Tips: so you enjoy Diving..

Courtesy of Ocean Quest Dive Centre

  • Balance training and experience - You need both to become a good diver.
    Seek training from a good instructor who is willing to assist you to become a better diver.
  • Stay within the limits of your training and experience.
  • Master buoyancy skills.
  • Master propulsion techniques.
  • Develop good situational awareness (this happens through training and experience).
  • Practice team diving principles.
  • Communicate all transition points of dive with your buddy.
  • Limit your movements while diving - "The best divers move the least ".
  • Avoid overexertion.
  • Have a reference during all parts of the dive (descent, ascent and bottom) - Wall, Bottom, Down/Up Line, SMB with Spool, etc.
  • Perform slow ascents and extend your safety stops.
  • Do not dive deep until you have had proper training and you have mastered buoyancy control and have a reasonable breathing rate.
  • Become a Rescue Diver.
  • Use good fitting, maintained equipment suitable for local diving.
  • Receive training in the use of specialized equipment before using it.
  • Get a check up if you have any medical conditions that interfere with safe diving (lungs/heart).