UCBC believes there's more to being a good diver than the number of dives you've done, your accumulated bottom time or even the number of bottles you sling.

The first steps towards being a great diver occur on the surface. While it is true that the oceans belong to everyone, often the access points are found in city parks or residential areas. 

In order to keep these sites accessible to divers, we must be respectful and conscientious guests in the communities hosting them.

Here's a few suggestions from The Underwater Council of British Columbia for keeping our favourite dive sites open: 

  • Parking at certain dive sites can be tricky, especially for group dives.
  • Ensure that vehicles are not blocking driveways or passage though the road.
  • Please use washroom facilities, or at least do your very best to be discrete.
  • Sure, sometimes you come out of the water and you MUST GO NOW, but if you regularly find yourself in this situation, perhaps it's time to look into a P-Valve.
  • Keep conversations at a reasonable volume and clean enough for your grandmother if other ears are nearby.
  • Avoid blowing off tanks, even to dry your dust cap, especially at night.
  • A towel works just as well and is actually better for your gear and your hearing. Seriously! 
Clean Up
  • Cookie wrappers to condom catheters - nobody should have to pick up after you, you're a responsible, and environmentally conscientious person, right?
  • Observe "No Take" and "No Fishing" signs.
  • You dive to see creatures.
  • Living creatures are much more interesting to look at than dead ones, and barren sand is BORING.
  • Please help us to spread the word.
  • Remind your buddies how a little common sense goes a long way.